Apex Legends players urge Respawn to bring back a fan favorite map feature

Shay Robson

Apex Legends players are calling for the return of a fan-favorite map feature, in the form of old in-game vault bunkers that would play a huge part in early game looting scenarios.

With the release of Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map in Season 3, the Respawn developers added a quirky new feature in the form of three vaults scattered across the map.

The new vaults instantly became a hit with players, as it would contain the best loot in the game, but it was only accessible by finding the rare key.

While there were many glitches that would allow players to steal the loot from the vault without any key that would cause issues, players are calling for the devs to add them back.

Apex Legends vault
Respawn Entertainment
Worlds Edge Vaults were filled to the brim with top-tier loot.

In a March 12 Reddit thread, Apex fan uuu_onizuka suggested for the devs to reintroduce the old bunkers that are “way more interesting” than the new explosive holds that replaced them.

Much like the old bunkers, the Explosive Holds are scattered around the map and hold some of the best items in the game. However, players believe they’re just not as exciting.

“Bunkers were way more interesting than explosive holds,” said uuu_onizuka. “Gold weapons, intense fights… I hope they return someday.”

While the old bunkers were certainly more fun, they still had their issues. As pointed out in the comments, many players would camp at the vault and wait for a team to open it, making them not worth the risk at some times.

“Meh, little loot for a lot of risks. I mostly ignored them,” said one. “The holds may be boring, but you get some good loot for little risk. They can come back if holds stay.”

“I think the issue with these was the camping teams that made it very hard for aggressive plays,” another player added. “With the introduction of the rampart in the later season, I think it was Respawn’s way of nerfing the camp strategy.”

As we near the popular battle royale’s 13th season, players can only hope to see the fan-favorite feature reintroduced to the game.