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Apex Legends players call for Respawn to fix ‘invincible’ fridge exploit

Published: 14/Feb/2020 6:54 Updated: 14/Feb/2020 22:01

by Isaac McIntyre


Apex Legends players are calling for Respawn to hotfix a frosty new exploit spot on World’s Edge, which allows unscrupulous battle royale competitors to hide inside a fridge that makes them all-but invincible.

There were plenty of new changes to the World’s Edge map in the arrival of Apex’s fourth season, including a huge new Planet Harvester smack bang in the middle of the map, and a dangerous new lava river in Capitol City.

Perhaps the biggest change in Season 4 so far, however, is Respawn’s accidental addition of a buggy fridge in Fragment East, which players are now using to vanish from sight, and basically become invincible.


Respawn Entertainment
Apex players have found a new fridge-based exploit hidden in Fragment East.

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What is the Fragment East fridge exploit?

The exploit itself is only a fairly new discovery, and was first publicized in a video—also accidentally—by NRG streamer Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn, and has also been reported on EA’s Q&A website for Apex Legends multiple times.

Basically, there’s a fridge in one of the rooms in Fragment East, attached to half a kitchen that has been destroyed by the Planet Harvester. While the design looks innocent enough, players quickly discovered its entirely accessible.

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Once inside, players disappear from view. Yes, even the game’s biggest heroes like Caustic and Gibraltar fit inside, Indiana Jones 4 style. The kicker is, opponents can’t even shoot into the fridge. Once you’re inside, you’re nearly invincible.


Videos have begun cropping up on Reddit of players taking full advantage of the hiding hole too, including one recently shared by GoldBoot47, who demanded Respawn take action. “The most over-powered addition to Season 4: The Fridge. Respawn, please fix,” the annoyed player added.

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How to combat players using the exploit

Luckily, it seems like there are some ways to combat the newly-found fridge exploit if you know that players are hiding inside.

The easiest way to flush out cheeky enemies is a Thermite Grenade, which lights the ground up when you throw it. Although most throwables don’t go through the fridge, nor do bullets, the fire spreads into the fridge and burns them out.


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Another option, though slightly riskier, is to join them in the tiny space. It seems like you can fit two legends into the fridge space itself, meaning if you know there’s only one inside, you can sprint in guns blazing and hope for the best.

The last way is just to leave them. In Apex, the ever-closing ring is a threat that can deal with even the most-hidden enemies, and if your opponents want to hide, let the ring consume them—as long as it doesn’t close onto the fridge itself.

And lastly, Respawn will eventually fix the glitch, so while it’s not going to help you if you fall prey to a Revenant or a Wraith hiding in the glitch spot, don’t forget that the devs will eventually hook the exploit out of the game.


Aceu accidentally reveals Apex’s new fridge-based exploit at 3:08 in the video below.

How could Respawn fix the glitch?

Of course, the obvious answer to fixing this issue is to make sure the invincibility-bestowing fridge is a solid object that legends can’t step inside of, rather than accessible window dressing for the room in Fragment East.

For some Apex players, however, they feel like there should be a little bit of revenge against those opponents that have taken advantage of the chilly hiding place, and potentially even grabbed a victory in the arena because of it.

The most dastardly of ideas about what to do came from Reddit user CLAYTILL767, who suggested Respawn “cut a hole in the floor” instead of patching it, meaning players trying to benefit from the exploit would “fall into the lava” instead.


It’s more than likely, however, that once Respawn has noticed the fridge is causing major problems in the battle royale, they will simply swap out the Fragment East hiding spot with a proper, solid object, removing the space.

Respawn’s devs have yet to address whether they will be hot-fixing the chilly exploit though, so make sure you check the fridge next time you’re battling your way through the remnants of Capitol City, lest you meet a surprisingly frosty demise.