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Apex Legends players call for change to “annoying” animation when looting

Published: 17/Jul/2021 16:26

by Lawrence Scotti


Some Apex Legends players are calling for a change or outright removal of the animation for picking up a teammate’s banner – showing how it can seriously interfere with combat. Others argue it’s meant to be that way.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is constantly flooded with change requests for the game from the Apex community. This is an addition to big requests like cross-progression, which Respawn says they’re working on, as well as private matches for all players, which is also “still in development”.

With Apex Legends’ large player base, there is always going to be a huge list of requests from the community – but often the community itself can’t agree on things. One example is about the animation for picking up a teammate’s banner.


Mobile Respawn Beacon being used in Apex Legends
Respawning a dead teammate is a risky affair – but some players want it to be smoother.

In a post on Reddit, an Apex player vented about having to view their teammate’s banner before looting their box. In the clip, the animation of viewing the teammate banner got in the way of looting the box, causing the player precious time and got them killed.

When under heavy fire, those few seconds are extremely valuable, and not being able to hold your weapon for those few moments can cost you your life.

One user said, “My issue is that the animation takes so long. It’s my f**king teammate, I don’t need to check the tag to make sure I grabbed the right banner.”


Players also complained about how long the animation time lasts, as it leaves you vulnerable, one player saying “Yeah, the looking animation just so annoying.”

But, other players think that the animation length is intended and should be there to put you at a disadvantage. “That animation takes long for a reason it’s a game mechanic so you have to purposely spend time without your gun to pick up your teammates banner,” another player argued.

The teammate banner animation changes can be added to the laundry list of changes players are looking for from Apex, although this one is smaller in scale compared to the others like private lobbies.


The team working on Apex is always listening to feedback, and has implemented a number of quality of life fixes based on player’s recommendations, particularly from Reddit.

We’ll have to wait and see if Respawn thinks these complaints are valid and announces potential changes.