Apex Legends players call for Caustic ability change to help teammates

Connor Bennett
Caustic in Apex Legends.
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have called for a simple change to be made to Caustic so they are no longer a detriment to their teammates.

As the different characters in Apex Legends have their own different set of abilities, fans have been finding ways to use them in order to outplay opponents and ultimately claim victory.

Many of the abilities are fairly helpful – Pathfinder, Wraith, and Octane can help squads quickly reposition themselves, while Lifeline can give teammates a boost to their health. However, not all of them are as beneficial to a team. Caustic’s gas traps have been a long-standing problem for many players.

Respawn Entertainment
Caustic is a mainstay for many Apex Legends players.

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As Caustic’s gas traps slow and impair the vision of teammates, not just enemies, players have called on Respawn Entertainment to make a fix so that a team can get out of a tight spot and not have what should be a helping hand, affect them at all.

The newest call came from Reddit user PuggyOG who posted “am I right or am I right? Make it so that Caustic’s teammates don’t get slowed by their gas,” to the game’s subreddit, with their suggestion quickly gaining traction and support from other players.

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“Agreed! My friend is a caustic main and it’s very annoying getting affected by his gas, we’re slowed down and can’t see a thing!” added PastxlPxnk in support of the change.

However, not everyone agreed with giving the already powerful legend another boost. “That would be a pretty big buff for Caustic and he’s already strong,” said Xatax0. Another fan, Anzackk, commented: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Caustic’s gas should slow and blind, but only one of these should be affecting teammates, not both.”

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Of course, the final say on changes to legends come from Respawn themselves, but the developers have shown that they’ll take on feedback with other tweaks in the past.

Whether or not they do with Caustic, though, remains to be seen, but it’d take a lot of balancing to get right.