Apex Legends players call for hardware bans after cheater plagues players with multiple hacks

Catalyst looking dispondent in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

After encountering some Apex Legends players using multiple hacks at once, players are pleading with Respawn to take action against cheaters.

It’s an unfortunate truth that cheaters will plague any popular multiplayer game at some point over the course of its lifespan.

Recently, Apex Legends fans have started to notice players using very intrusive cheats, that can cause players to constantly reload and even drop stacks of ammo out of their inventory.

After more and more video evidence of these hacks has surfaced among the community, players are fed up with Apex Legends’ cheating epidemic and waiting for developer Respawn to take action.

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Apex Legends players fed up with cheaters

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit once again sparked discussion among the community after showcasing a video of one Wraith player using multiple hacks to win a game.

The Wraith player can be seen throwing grenades that instantly explode on targets, forcing opponents to reload, and using an aimbot. Naturally, these hacks result in the Wraith player winning the game.

The OP called these hacks “the most intrusive cheats” they’d ever seen and said, “Surely people like this should get a hardware ban.”

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For those who don’t know, hardware bans are fairly severe penalties that use aspects of one’s physical gaming setup, like a PC’s motherboard or internet router, to track and permanently ban players from games.

Many members of the Apex community agreed that some action from Respawn needs to be taken, with some sharing their own experiences with cheaters over the past few weeks.

“Just had a game where everyone on my team was stuck constantly reloading. Full mags didn’t matter whatsoever. There’s no outplay for this hack… Something needs to be done because it’s game-breaking.”

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Other fans ridiculed the game’s servers and said the fact that these hacks can even make it into matches is worrying. “The security in this game is a joke… These hacks actively change >your< input even. They basically remote-control what your character does with the infinite reloading for example.”

Sadly, Respawn has remained fairly quiet about the issue on social channels, so it is unclear if action is being taken behind the scenes. One thing is abundantly clear, however: Apex Legends players have had enough.

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