Apex Legends players call for a buff to the game’s weakest weapon

P2020 Apex Legends BuffRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have called for a buff to the P2020 pistol, arguing that the weapon needs a new hop-up after the removal of Hammerpoint Rounds.

Apex Legends Season 10 is well underway and the community is enjoying all of the new content that arrived with the major update.

Whether it’s Ranked Arenas, the new Legend Seer, or the deadly Rampage LMG, Respawn certainly knocked it out of the park with Emergence.

Despite this, although the devs are frequently adding new weapons to the game, players have voiced their concerns about the dwindling power of some of the older guns.

One of these is the P2020 pistol, a weapon that is only ever used by players when they initially drop into a map and cannot find any other alternatives.

P2020 Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The P2020 is only for a few minutes after players have dropped into a map.

Apex Legends players suggest buff ideas for P2020

While the majority of the guns in Apex Legends are viable in the meta, a lot of the weapons in the pistol category are only used by players if absolutely necessary.

The P2020 pistol certainly falls underneath this bracket and is rarely picked up unless it’s straight after a player has dropped into a match. Before long, it is usually replaced by a more powerful shotgun, SMG, or AR.

To bring the P2020 back into the fold, a thread on the Apex Legends subreddit has called for the weapon to be buffed. While some commenters have suggested a new hop-up for the gun that gives it a triple-shot burst, others have even argued that Respawn should implement an akimbo mechanic.

Either of these options would certainly give the P2020 a boost in power and may encourage players to run it as a secondary in certain scenarios.

Although the P2020 had the Hammerpoint Rounds attachment originally, the weapon has been lacking since the hop-up’s removal, making it one of the weakest guns in the game.

While it’s obvious players are not asking for the pistol to be brought into the top-tier of the meta, they do want the option to run the gun without it feeling incredibly underpowered.

We’ll have to wait and see if Respawn agrees with the thread and decides to give the pistol a boost of power. However, for the time being, it remains a weapon that is only used by players when there are no other options.