Apex Legends players believe game is better off with no Rampage or Sentinel

Apex Legends Rampage being used in gameRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players claim the battle royale is actually in a better spot with no Sentinel or Rampage in the weapon pool, with both weapons temporarily removed by Respawn to fix unlimited charge exploits. 

Apex Legends’ weapon pool has long been a fan-favorite aspect of the battle royale. Not only do different ammo types and categories encourage different play styles, but weapons with unique profiles and features reward players who spend time with certain guns.

Amongst the more unique weapons in the game are the Sentinel and Rampage. The former is a bolt-action sniper rifle while the latter is a strong but cumbersome light machine gun. Both, though, use a unique charge mechanic to deal more damage against enemies.

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Apex Legends Bloodhound holding SentinelRespawn Entertainment
The Sentinel is one of the affected weapons, alongside the Rampage LMG.

However, players recently discovered an ‘unlimited charge’ exploit, which essentially negated both weapons’ charge delay. Because of the glitch’s prevalence, Respawn completely removed both weapons from the game to fix it. While only a temporary change, some players appear to prefer the BR without them.

Player S_for_Stuart said: “Anyone else finding the game far less frustrating and therefore more enjoyable with the Rampage currently out? Feels like you need superior gunskill to win again.”

Their sentiment was echoed by many on the game’s subreddit, who highlighted the greater variety in weapon choice they have seen with the incredibly strong Rampage LMG sidelined.

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Others, though, suggested they were missing the charge weapons and that most players have simply picked up the R301 or Flatline in the LMG’s absence.

While this is true, plenty were also happy with the slower TTK that accompanies lesser weapons. The Rampage, in particular, can drop players incredibly quickly if deployed well.

Despite some of the claims from players, the charge weapons’ removal was always temporary, and there are no indications Respawn are considering keeping them out any longer than necessary.

Rampaging around Storm Point will soon be the norm once again.