Apex Legends player who was accused of hacking is invited to play in ALGS

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Revenant skinRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends streamer accused of cheating has been invited by EA to play in Pro League 3 – sparking controversy within the competitive community.

Brazilian Apex Legends streamer FeuFPS has garnered a controversial reputation in the community after being accused of cheating in the ALGS Pro League.

The accusations first appeared back in February of 2022, when fellow pro player Stalizy shared a series of suspicious clips that indicated FeuFPS might have been hacking.

As expected, the drama didn’t end there, with even more clips surfacing in March and this time, accusations of wall-hacking. Feu’s account was banned, but only for a single day, before being reinstated.

EA has taken no action against FeuFPS since, and has invited him to play in the upcoming Pro League 3.

This news has not been well received by a lot of Apex players, who argue that due to hacking allegations against this player, they should not have been invited to compete at the top level.

Despite this, although a lot of FeuFPS’s clips have been labeled as suspicious by multiple pros, that clearly hasn’t been sufficient evidence for Respawn to take action.

It is not known whether developers have investigated the player and made a determination about potential cheats.

Regardless, many pros and competitive players disagree with EA’s decision to invite FeuFPS to pro league.

However, for the time being, it appears that Respawn decision has concluded that FeuFPS should be allowed to compete in the ALGS.