Apex Legends player sparks loot pool debate with Heat Shield change

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One Apex Legends player proposed a change to Heat Shields, removing them from the ground loot pool, which sparked a massive debate.

Apex Legends’ loot pool has been a major discussion point over the course of its many ongoing seasons.

With Season 14 bringing big changes to many elements, like the controversial new Ring changes, players are looking for compromise.

Now, one Apex Legends fan suggested removing Heat Shields from the ground loot and having each player spawn with one, which sparked a massive debate.

Apex Legends players debate ground loot in Season 14

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Apex Legends’ Heat Shields are handy items that protect players from ring damage for a certain period of time.

The post comes from the Apex Legends subreddit, where user Necro_SG suggested the change with the hope that it could “free up the loot pool and leave the new ring mechanics as they are now.”

For those who haven’t played Apex Legends in Season 14, developer Respawn made some pretty big changes to how the Ring works.

In Season 14, the first ring’s preshrink time was halved and now does an additional HP of damage per tick and the community was very split on these new changes.

As such, Necro_SG’s proposal could theoretically kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately, this idea divided the community as well, with many thinking it would raise more problems than it would solve.

“No, because then you have a guaranteed six heat shields on your team, which would just promote more people staying in the ring,” explained user Rasburr__. “With them being RNG you have to be [quicker] with your decision-making when it comes to rotations and stuff as well.”

Other players suggested that items like Heat Shields aren’t the cause for loot pool issues.

“If anything, I feel like all heals need to be toned down slightly to make the loot pool better. It would also encourage more people to take or run away from a fight since the risk would be higher,” said user Jman5X5.

For now, it seems as though the Apex Legends community will remain divided on the new Ring changes as they wait to see if Respawn will address player feedback at all.