Apex Legends player shows how to use broken Loba Tactical to your advantage

Loba Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has showcased how to use Loba’s broken teleport to gain the advantage by bamboozling an opponent and picking up an easy win.

Since her arrival in the Outlands, Loba has become one of the most iconic characters on the Apex Legends roster and a brilliant choice for those who love kitting out their weapons with the best attachments.

While her Ultimate definitely provides the most value for her squad, it’s her Tactical that is essential for teleporting her out of trouble and pursuing retreating enemies.

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Unfortunately, a major bug with the bracelet is causing it to cancel nonstop in Season 13 and while the devs have said they’re working on a fix, the issue has not been resolved just yet.

Although this has caused a massive amount of frustration for Loba mains, one player managed to use the glitch to their advantage and bamboozled an opponent to secure a victory.

Loba Apex Legends TacticalRespawn Entertainment
Loba’s Tactical has been broken for multiple seasons.

Apex player uses broken Loba Tactical to bamboozle enemy

Loba’s Tactical bug has led to countless deaths in the Outlands, with plenty of players attempting to escape danger, just to have the bracelet cancel and return to them.

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Well, Reddit user Srivo10 has broken the trend and actually showcased a scenario where the Tactical bug managed to secure them a victory.

After reaching the final circle with one other squad, Srivo10 managed to win a gunfight with an opponent but was left with close to no health left. Realizing the last member of the enemy squad was approaching, Srivo10 decided to throw the Loba Tactical to escape.

Noticing the bracelet in the air, the opponent decided to turn and run toward the landing location. At this point, the bug triggered which canceled the teleport, giving Srivo10 an easy kill and the victory.

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It’s safe to say this is an extremely rare occurrence that will likely never benefit you when you’re playing Loba. However, it does show there’s often a silver lining to any glitch, and Srivo10 has proven it is possible to bamboozle opponents with the bracelet.

Either way, let’s hope the devs can resolve the Tactical issue as soon as possible so Loba mains can get back to causing havoc in the Outlands.

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