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Apex Legends player reveals more ways to use Revenant’s Ult

Published: 16/Mar/2020 10:00

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has revealed a pretty extensive list of different uses for Revenant’s Ultimate ability that can help you become a better teammate and score more wins. 

Revenant was introduced to Apex Legends’ roster of playable characters after rumors had swirled about the possibility of seeing Forge and even Loba/Rosie. The Synthetic Nightmare has quickly established himself as a part of the game’s meta — though not everyone is a fan of his ability set. 

The Death Totem Ultimate ability allows Revenant players an extra shot at being alive while in death protection mode, bringing them back with 1HP should they be knocked by an enemy player. However, some fans have found that you can actually use the ability to be a bit more tactical and stealthy.


Revenant had stronger older abilities
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant has quickly become a much-used character in Apex Legends.

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Ripcityterp posted their list of tips to the Apex Legends subreddit, including some of the wider known ones like being able to pull off a revive or grab a teammate’s banner while they’re outside the ring. 

However, the Redditor had a few more sneaky ones up their sleeve. They noted that the ultimate can be used as a sort of decoy in tightly contested areas because of the noise it produces. With the noise ringing out and attracting enemies, Revenant can crouch walk around pretty undetected — allowing for better positioning.

There was also another idea to give teammates support while combining the Legend’s ultimate with throwables, so that you pop the ability when you spot an enemy team, throw a few grenades at them, and rush their position. 


PSA: Theres other ways to use Revenants ULT. Its not just used for pushing. Heres some of my favorite uses from apexlegends

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Other players pointed out that they had a few tips that they’d been used that RipCityTerp had missed out on including in their list.

One, STAALION, commented that it can be used as a scouting device, allowing players to check out the status of enemies who they could come into contact with. Another, AlfredosoraX, noted that the totem also has no vertical limit, so players could get into out of bounds areas with it.

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Clearly, there are plenty of different uses for Revenant’s Death Totem and as time goes on, players will try and find more creative ways to beat their opponents with it.


For now, though, it might be best to just try and put these ones into action and see if they work for you.