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Apex Legends player gets revenge on squads of “teamers” boosting in Ranked

Published: 28/Mar/2022 12:23

by Alex Garton


After realizing two squads were teaming in the final circle of their Apex Legends match, a player decided to dish out their own punishment and dispatch them from the lobby.

While the use of hacks in Apex Legends is usually detected by Respawn in a short period of time, there are other forms of cheating that often go under the radar.

One of which is teaming, where two squads queue up for Ranked at the same time and group up together, giving them a huge advantage over the competition.

This effectively doubles their power in the match and as there’s no third-party software involved, it’s incredibly difficult for the devs to punish.


Well, one player ran into a set of teamers in the final circle of their Ranked game, and instead of giving up, they decided to serve up a punishment of their own, eliminating them from the match.

Apex Legends squad
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Apex Legends player wipes out group of teamers

During the final stages of their match on March 28, Reddit user Optimal-Fishing7961 realized that the final two squads in the match had teamed up together.

This meant their three-man squad was up against six fully geared players all working as one unit. However, instead of rushing in headfirst, they utilized Caustic’s gas to push the cheaters into an enclosed space.

After they’d all grouped up in a small building, Optimal-Fishing7961 chucked their Ultimate into the room and immediately began wiping them out with their Havoc.


Before long, both teams had been eliminated and Optimal-Fishing7961 and their squad were granted a well-deserved victory.

Destroyed what looked like teamers on final circle with gas daddy from apexlegends

Without Caustic’s incredible ability to put pressure on enemies and force them out of buildings, it’s hard to know whether the team would have succeeded in this 3v6.

Although Optimal-Fishing7961 managed to overcome the odds against teamers, a lot of squads fall short.

Hopefully, Respawn can work on ways of identifying these players and punishing them for abusing the method in Ranked, as it’s cheating squads out of well-earned victories.