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Apex Legends player explains how he reached Predator rank as a solo

Published: 29/Nov/2019 11:50

by Jacob Hale


An Apex Legends player has released a video explaining how he got to Predator rank – the highest rank available in Apex Legends – while only playing solo.

In any competitive title, a ranked mode is where the best players go to prove their worth and find out just how good they are compared to other players. For all players, the ultimate goal is to reach the very top, and in Apex Legends the highest rank you can reach is called Apex Predator.

Typically you would find a team to do this with you; after all, these are team games, so having a well-constructed team with good chemistry is the best way to work your way up the ranks.


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The new Apex Legends season brought a new map to both casual and ranked modes.

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There are always exceptions to the rule, though, and YouTube’s DistinctGamer101 is that exception, as he reached Apex Predator rank grinding as a solo player. He starts off by explaining how he didn’t abuse any exploits – such as closing the game so he wouldn’t lose Ranked Points – before getting into the nitty-gritty of it all.

He said that there were three simple rules he would follow when asked how he achieved this feat. They are to prioritize your life, prioritize your damage and prioritize your kills, from most to least important factor.

Your life, he says, is the most important thing, simply because the longer you live, the higher you’ll place. It makes perfect sense. Next, you should aim to accrue damage to others even if you won’t get the kill. Finally, kills are the least important, and every kill should be from a position where you won’t get hurt yourself or risk your life.


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These rules make sense, and of course, they’re not always possible to abide by, but he says that issues he has commonly seen in the higher ranks are players chasing kills and ending up dead because of it – thus losing Ranked Points.

DistinctGamer said that he would occasionally run Wraith or Pathfinder, but cited his main, Gibraltar, as the “most overpowered Legend in the game” and the one he used most frequently. In total, he won 23 of his 203 games, including 105 more top-five placements.

DistinctGamer did shout out a couple of friends who helped him along the way – saying that they played the last three games with him, which they won back-to-back to secure his Apex Predator status.


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So, from one of the very few people to achieve Apex Predator as a solo player on either PC or Console, DistinctGamer knows what should and shouldn’t be done.

If you take his advice, practice, and use it properly, reaching Apex Predator should be that little bit easier.