Apex Legends player discovers something everyone thought was impossible

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An Apex Legends player discovered something extremely rare that they’d never seen before despite putting countless hours into the game.

While the goal in an Apex Legends match is always to secure the victory and rack up as many kills as possible, it’s easy to get distracted if you run into something that’s out of the ordinary.

Whether that’s a bizarre bug, an enemy using a strange set of hacks, or any other kind of unexpected encounter.

Well, one Apex player ran into exactly that in a recent match when they found two loot ticks or bots right next to each other.

Despite playing the game for over 1,200 hours, they’d never seen it before, and based on the community reaction, it’s an extremely rare occurrence.

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Loot ticks can be found in random spots around each of the maps.

Loots bots found next to each other in Apex Legends match

During a match on Kings Canyon, an Apex Legends player stumbled upon an extremely rare encounter, finding two loot ticks sitting right next to each other.

As only a handful of these are randomly scattered around the map in each game, the likelihood of them both being placed next to each other is incredibly low.

After making the discovery, Reddit user dontoliver immediately made a post on the Apex Legends subreddit and revealed that in “1200 hours” they’d never seen this before.

While this certainly isn’t a game-changing discovery that resulted in them winning the match, it’s always interesting to see rare occurrences in Apex.

The screenshot surprised a lot of other users in the thread, with certain players who have racked up over “4000” and “5000” hours of gameplay revealing that never seen anything like it before.

While it’s impossible to know how rare this scenario is without insight from a developer, it’s definitely not very often that you see two loot ticks right next to each other in the same building.