Apex Legends player devises major overhaul for Mirage’s abilities

Joe Craven
Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends fan has grown tired of Mirage being a bottom-tier operator, and has devised a number of buffs that would see the holographic trickster catapulted back into relevancy. 

Apex Legends is dominated by awesome, powerful legends. From Lifeline’s medical drone to Wraith’s interdimensional travel, there are a number of legends who can swing the odds in your team’s favor. Mirage, while not completely awful, is not one of them. 

Despite being on the receiving end of a major buff in Season 2, Mirage has largely gone untouched by the game’s developers. His large hitbox and limited abilities appear to have caught up with him in a meta that is constantly evolving.

Respawn Entertainment
Many players think Mirage needs a buff in Apex Legends.

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One Mirage fan has seemingly grown tired of the lack of love Respawn have shown, and has conceived a number of buffs that would see the holographic legend improve significantly in Season 4.

The fan’s suggestions would see an almost total overhaul of Mirage’s current abilities. Most notably, they suggest taking the ‘Emergency Dance Party’ ability from the Dummies’ Big Day game mode, which featured during the Grand Soiree Event. 

This saw the DUMMIEs spawn five identical decoys, which would then mirror the movement of the original exactly. Many considered this to be an upgrade to Mirage’s existing ultimate ability.

Reddit: u/Dicephalon
The user’s buff idea, in full.

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The other suggestions were to increase the duration that Mirage is able to remain invisible for once he is knocked. It is currently 5 seconds, but the Reddit user suggests upping it to 7 or 8 seconds. 

Similarly, for Mirage’s Tactical Ability they want to see two clones spawned rather than one – in line with Bangalore’s smoke detonators. These clones would also be capable of more believable movement in order to deceive enemies, in the form of sliding down hills or vaulting obstacles.

Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s current abilities in Apex Legends.

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Finally, the Apex player suggested alterations to the clones as he skydives in order to give the illusion that an entire team is dropping. 

The desire to see Mirage buffed is clearly infectious, as many respondents were proposing other ways Respawn could improve the trickster. 

The ball’s in your court, Respawn.