Apex Legends player demonstrates the risks of super sliding long distances

Jaret Kappelman
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Apex Legends players are constantly looking for ways to improve their movement as it can make a difference while playing. Super sliding is a tactic that allows you to cover a lot of ground very fast. However, one player shows why you need to be careful before sliding around the map.

Season 10 of Apex has turned out to be one of the more memorable ones. With new gameplay, maps, and characters, the game has seen a hige increase in players.

With a larger player base there are people that are still learning different mechanics to master and improve their gameplay. Sliding is one that can be used in different ways, as you can go on until you run out of momentum.

While it doesn’t seem to be a dangerous tactic when used for a bit too long things can really go haywire in the blink of an eye.

Apex Legends gameplay
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Players can slide until they run out of momentum, it can be useful while going downhill.

Super slide throws player off the map

The fastest way to get around in Apex is by hitting a balloon and relaunching or sliding down elevation to create a ton of speed.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘CountXV-TV’ shows off just how quickly you can get around the map using this mechanic. However, things head south real quick when the player finally reached the end of their slide.

You can see that they start their slide from outside the boundaries of the map which allows the player to generate insane speed. While traveling down the slope and into Energy Depot they had enough speed to clear the gap from the mountain.

Unfortunately, it turned into an utter catastrophe the moment they reached the bottom. Since they were traveling at such a fast pace, when colliding with the box it ended up bouncing them right off the map.

While both players were laughing about the situation it is important to note that players need to pay attention and know when the stop their slide. So even thorough they were able to get across a good portion of the map it didn’t matter because, in the end, they slid right off the map.