Apex Legends player creates stunning IRL optic attachment & fans are obsessed

Sam Comrie
A screenshot of Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment.
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends can often be said to stand out from the crowd, no doubt in part to its outlandish weapons. One dedicated fan of the battle royale has now brought the game’s weapon optics to life. 

As Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale has evolved, there have been plenty of high-octane weapons implemented into the game. From the Bocek Bow to old classics like R-301 Carbine, players can deal damage in devilishly fun ways.

Now, an avid fan of Apex Legends has brought one of the game’s futuristic weapon attachments to life.

apex legends wraith punches the camera
Respawn Entertainment
Legends like Wraith keep Apex Legends fun while adding an element of challenge.

Fan creates Apex-inspired optic attachment

Reddit user u/lemlurker  has taken their love for Apex Legends to the next level. Debuting their homemade creations, the clever fan showcased brilliant re-creations of optics used within the game.

Taking inspiration from the HUD-style display used on Apex’s optic attachments, the avid Apex Legends fan has forged two different sights for competitive airsoft usage.

“Been working on the project on and off for about 3 years, I can make a singular optic in about 3-5 days,” they said, when asked about the project’s progress from another player.

With a compass and ammunition counter included, the painstaking re-creation has impressed fans of the battle royale.

“You could totally make a fortune selling these. Especially if you branch out to different games. You may have a good a** idea on your hands,” user u/Extra-Thot-Sauce commented. “You’re a genius… how the f**k?!” fellow fan u/stangerthings said.

The optics have customization options too, lending themselves to the ever-changing nature of Apex: “There are 12 different reticle shapes!”

Apex Legends fans are getting ready for the release of Season 12 in February. With rumored Legends like ‘Mad Maggie’ on the way, we’re sure there will be plenty of new weapons to look forward to.