Apex Legends player comes up with perfect revamp for Mirage’s abilities

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

A proposed tune-up for Mirage’s ability kit in Apex Legends would give the Holographic Trickster better ways to use his decoys for brilliant bamboozles in the battle royale.

Respawn have retooled their Legends numerous times since launching the game back in February 2019. Depending on if a character is performing too well or is irrelevant among players, the devs will plan accordingly to buff them up.

This is something that’s happened a few times to Mirage, one of the original characters in Apex Legends. In the past, the devs have reworked things like his ult and passives, which proved to be less than stellar in application.

Respawn Entertainment
Giving Mirage some buffs that other Legends have received could be a helpful addition.

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With a major Mirage rework reportedly on the way for Season 5, user ‘wicked_fool’ gave an incredible idea for the developers to potentially consider if they’re looking to give the character meaningful power.

In this concept, his Tactical Ability ‘Totally Psyched Out” gives Mirage’s decoys a life of their own, in a sense. Although they wouldn’t be controlled, the holograms would be able to do basic leaps and bounds on the environment.

Whether it be a zip line, ladder or balloon, the decoy would interact with these objects to help sell the illusion of a retreating player. Although the idea says there would be no cooldown with using the ability, wicked_fool admitted that giving it a 2-second delay would help to keep it from being spammed.

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Meanwhile, Sleight of Hand would let the Trickster to be cloaked while using consumables and even reviving a teammate.

Legends like Gibraltar are starting to get special tools for reviving, and having one for Mirage wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

It should be noted that the idea’s creator makes a distinction between being invisible and being cloaked so that he’s “not totally invisible but semi transparent.”

Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s Ultimate has gotten buffed a few times since launch.

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The proposed Ultimate might be familiar with Apex players who’ve explored the Mirage Voyage. It would deploy five holograms that “mirror your actions” so as to distract the competition.

Expect Mirage to have a huge presence once his rework lands in Apex Legends especially if it resembles the kinds of upgrades in this concept.