Apex Legends “pit of death” discovered on World’s Edge, but there’s a way out

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

A hole found on World’s Edge has been described as a “pit of death” for Apex Legends players who fall in. Luckily, however, it’s not exactly doomed if you happen to come across it.

Death-spots in Apex have been spotted all the way back to the original Kings Canyon back in Season 1. While unfortunate for people who randomly fall in, it’s reassuring that Respawn tends to patch them out once they become aware.

With an active eye on the Apex subreddit, one can only hope that’ll be the case for the latest pitfall that players have been discovering near WE’s Epicenter.

Reddit user ‘Nezan’ showed how silly Legends like Caustic can look when he get himself trapped in the errant hole – and how trying to help a teammate out is a fool’s errand.

“Beware! Pit of Death in World’s Edge!” Nezan quipped, showing the clip that he was going to send to the devs.

They explained how throwing everything from frag grenades to Octane’s jump pad – which admittedly, had some level of success.

The chaos from trying to get Caustic out eventually saw Nezan’s Lifeline finding herself in the same predicament, although something managed to pry at least one of them free.

While this is the perfect job for a Pathfinder Zipline or Wraith Portal, these aren’t readily accessible with every team comp.

Other people who’ve encountered the same so-called pit of death, had a better time getting out than Nezan and imparted some much-needed wisdom for getting out.

apex legends map glitch
Skadoodle Twitch
Maps in Apex Legends have had a long history of strange bugs.

“You can get out of there,” user ‘auchenai’ chimed in. “Climb ice wall to the east then change direction to south in the middle of the climb. Can be done with every Legend.”

If you’re similarly trapped in the bugged World’s Edge spot, then make sure to face the south wall that can give you just enough elevation to possibly escape.

Until it gets patched out, it’s best to avoid any rotations that can force you in this corner, lest you be the next Apex player to get stuck.