Apex Legends ‘Phoenix Cell’ consumable would make healing much easier

. 2 years ago
Chris Burks / Respawn Entertainment

Healing can become much quicker in Apex Legends with the help of a ‘Phoenix Cell’ consumable item that would give a compact boost to players, akin to the Phoenix Kit already in the game.

While the Phoenix Kit takes 10 seconds to use, it gives off a massive payoff with full heals and shields for players willing to wait that long. The obvious downside is the lengthy time to use the item, but the benefits make the wait well worth the time in a lot of situations.

For players who find themselves in more pressing situations, the Phoenix Cell could be a welcomed answer to getting meaningful heals off in a pinch.

Chris Burks / Respawn Entertainment
The Phoenix Kits are valuable and rare but take too long to actually use.

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User ‘Crish1337’ thought of the concept that shrinks the Phoenix Kit down to a more portable size. The item would let players heal for 25 HP and 25 Shield, one-fourth of what the full-sized consumable allows.

The idea here is to have an item with more flexibility than the Phoenix Kit, but have something with a bit more impact than a simple Syringe or Shield Battery.

With the new type of heal giving a way to replenish two bars in one item, it would let players hold off on the rare kits if they only need to cap off their health bars.

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Moreover, with a suggested heal time of five seconds, it would put these items as a clear cut favorite over the multiple items that perform the same functions.

To prevent the Phoenix Cell from being too overpowered, the trick to the item would be how many of them can become stacked in an inventory slot, and the time it takes to apply them.

“I could get behind this,” user ‘Prodigum’ said. “The usage time would have to be higher than both cells and Syringes. Maybe 1.5 seconds more but a good idea nonetheless.”

The Phoenix Cell would shake up the hierarchy of important heals to carry in Apex Legends.

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Other members of the Apex community thought the concept was good but didn’t “think this works well with an already oversaturated loot pool and the current inventory space,” according to ‘mnkymnk.’

The Phoenix Cell could be a great way to subtle mix up how fights go down in Apex Legends, but there would need to be some careful planning to properly integrate it in the battle royale.

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