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Apex Legends PC cheaters are glitching into console lobbies to ruin Ranked

Published: 9/May/2022 11:55 Updated: 9/May/2022 13:57

by Sourav Banik


Apex Legends players have found PC cheaters infecting the console lobbies, ruining their experience. FNATIC content creator Revengeful recently faced a PC cheater, who had glitched into console Predator lobbies.

Despite Apex Legends‘ work to reduce the proliferation of cheaters, it’s not a problem that will likely ever be completely eliminated. While these cheaters were mostly found in PC lobbies, they have started to appear in the console Predator lobbies as well.

FNATIC’s Revengeful was playing in a console-only Predator game, when suddenly his team was wiped by an outrageously accurate player, player, taking them by surprise.

Like most cheaters, the suspect’s aim was crisp and snappy, managing to knock them out almost instantly, and then Revengeful and his teammates realized that the cheater was playing on PC, not console.


Map Room location in Apex Legends
EA / Respawn Entertainment
Cheaters are often held responsible for ruining gameplay.

Playing on Kings Canyon, Revengful, a competitive console player and content creator for Fnatic, made the fatal mistake of trying to challenge the suspected cheater.

It was at that moment when one of his teammates started shouting “he’s cheating, he’s cheating.”

“Oh my god bro, he’s just beaming bro,” Revengeful said, finding it hilarious as they continued spectating the cheater.

After their team was wiped, they continued to spectate as the PC cheater ran rampant against the helpless console players.

Although playing against cheaters, especially in high-ranked lobbies, is a common challenge that top players must face, console lobbies are usually somewhat of a safe haven, given the reduced number of cheaters on console.


Unfortunately, this particular console lobby wasn’t so lucky. “This guy is insane,” said one of his friends sarcastically, as they watched the hacker mow down more players.

Apex Legends Season 13 is around the corner, starting on May 10. As well as new additions like Newcastle, the latest Legend, players will hope that Respawn also continues to work on eradicating cheaters from the game