Apex Legends pays tribute to voice actor’s pet with new Horizon skin

An image of Horizon from Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends voice actor Elle Newlands shared a loving tribute to her late pet, as developers Respawn Entertainment have honored the feline in-game.

The great thing about games is that they immortalize memories and even people. It’s always a painful experience to lose a pet, especially for Apex Legends voice actor Elle Newlands.

Now, developer Respawn Entertainment has paid tribute to Newlands feline friend with a brilliant in-game skin.

Respawn pay tribute to Elle Newlands cat in Apex Legends

Horizon voice actor Elle Newlands shared the touching news on social media, including a screenshot of the recently released skin. Newlands said: “not me crying because @[email protected] honored my 20-year-old cat who recently passed away with a skin in her memory.”

The skin for Newlands’s character, Horizon, is dubbed “Anya’s Armour.”

The voice actor added her thanks to Tim Lewinson, the studio operations director for Respawn Entertainment: “Thank you @VancouverTim and your good good heart. Best job ever.”

Apex Legends players have shown their appreciation for the skin too, sharing their condolences with Newlands. Scottish streamer and Apex Legends YouTuber @Rag_Tagg said: “Gutted to hear about your cat. Truly, a wonderful gesture from the Apex team.”

Tagg noted that this is a “fitting tribute for Space Mom’s regal companion.”

Other players were thankful to learn the true meaning of ‘Anya Forger’ too, as @Kingu1_ said “I thought it was Anya Forger from an anime ‘Spy x Family’.”

“Now I know this is inspired by your beloved 20-year-old cat who recently passed away…as a fellow cat lover, I’ll be equipping Anya’s Armor from now on.”

With Season 14 of Apex Legends kicking off a new cycle for the popular battle royale, now is a fitting time to equip the skin and pay tribute to Anya in battle.