Apex Legends Pathfinder glitch takes super jumping to new heights

. 4 months ago
Crazy Apex Legends Pathfinder glitch takes super jumping to new heights
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If you have ever played Apex Legends then you probably have super jumped a couple of times. But a Pathfinder glitch is taking that to new levels as you can jump across the entire map. 

As part of Season 12, Apex Legends reintroduced Olympus as the map. While it underwent some changes it still is relatively the same.

Despite being a larger map, players still utilize characters like Pathfinder to rotate across the land.

However, a new bug is allowing players to to turn into Superman and fly across the skies of Olympus.

Pathfinder glitch lets you jump across whole map

In a Reddit post by ‘LouisGoldx’ the user is exposing a glitch on Olympus that is allowing Pathfinder to basically redeploy from the dropship.

As seen in the clip, Pathfinder is All you need to do is lock in Pathfinder uses his grapple to launch into the sky and have free range of where to go.

Louis demonstrates how this can be extremely helpful and even provided a guide to do it. They said, “You have to set your grapple aimer just above the cargo so that when you grapple it goes past and comes back.”

Apex Legends Pathfinder Grapple Guide Incredible Tricks
Respawn Entertainment
Players can soar across all of Olympus with this Pathfinder glitch.

To put it in simpler terms, you need to make sure you have a cargo loot box in front of you. Then you just need to aim slightly above and use it. When done correctly it will launch you thousands of feet into the air.

However, they did note that it can be extremely buggy to pull off during a game. So it may not be the greatest escape tool in a nail-biting situation.

While this will likely get patched in Respawn’s next update, fans are enjoying this mechanic while it’s in the game.

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