Apex Legends and Overwatch unite in stunning character crossover

Overwatch Hero Junkrat standing next to Apex Legends character OctaneBlizzard / Repsawn Entertainment

Fans of both Apex Legends and Overwatch can finally see how the titles might mix thanks to a stunning set of new crossover skins.

Apex Legends and Overwatch couldn’t be more different in terms of pure gameplay. One is an intense Battle Royale while the other is a tactical team-based shooter. They play out in their own unique ways, but do share a few key similarities; both allow you to pick from a lineup of fascinating Legends and Heroes respectively.

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While players of both games have often clamored for certain features to be ported across, there’s yet to be any real crossover. Blizzard and Respawn Entertainment have carved out their own paths and built massive yet distinct communities. But what would it look like if the two gaming industry giants were to collaborate?

Thanks to a fantastic set of cosmetic designs from ‘Hybbleton’, we now have a glimpse at that vision. Four iconic Overwatch Heroes have been transported into the Battle Royale realm with vibrant cosmetics for popular Legends.

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Apex Legends characters designed as Overwatch skinsReddit: u/Hybbleton
The incredible design brings Overwatch to Apex Legends like never before.

Each Overwatch skin is applied to the most fitting Legend. Not just when it comes to visual similarities, but also in terms of abilities and personality. The insanity of Junkrat has been applied to the equally ludicrous Octane, for instance. 

Octane still features most of his standard loadout, but this crossover drops him into the mix with a special Junkrat flair. He has explosives across his chest-piece and an explosiveFrag Launcher in his right hand. These two would certainly be a match made in heaven with their penchant for chaos.

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Revenant is the next character to receive a unique crossover design in this set. Reaper from Overwatch is translated over as his haunting mask and black cowl are dropped onto the stalking Legend. As though Revenant couldn’t be more ominous, this skin would be sure to give your opponents an all-new fright.

Apex Legends Revenant cinematicRespawn Entertainment
Revenant and Reaper would likely be the best of friends if they were ever to team up.

Bangalore is perfectly kitted out with a Soldier:76 getup in this design as well. The two characters both come from a military background and even fall in line with similar abilities. One could only picture how devastating Soldier’s Tactical Visor would be in the open landscape of a Battle Royale though.

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Last but not least, the most charming Legend in the game gets the funniest design of them all. Instead of copying over a similarly invisible character in Sombra, this creation gives Mirage a brand-new D.Va skin. Fit with pink and purple flair, Mirage pulls off the look and even poses with a similar weapon to her Light Gun.

Overwatch hero D.Va posingBlizzard
D.Va could fit into the world of Apex Legends quite nicely with her experience piloting mechs.

Obviously these are just concepts for the time being. Though it would certainly be exciting to have enormous titles crossing over down the line. In fact, the devs at Respawn have already let slip that they’re open to collabs.

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An official crossover with Valve’s Portal franchise is seemingly on the way soon, as Apex makes its way to Steam later in the year.