Apex Legends Olympus map change made and nobody noticed

David Purcell
apex legends map with wattsonRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment shook things up with a variety of map changes in Apex Legends Season 13, though there’s one tweak that has seemingly gone under the radar.

As is always the case, the developers of the popular battle royale title announced a series of things that were going to be different when the latest season dropped. This included Newcastle, a number of weapon/Legend nerfs, and buffs.

The latest event, the Awakening Collection, also brought a series of new things to the Apex Legends maps. Most notably, a Town Takeover for Lifeline arrived as part of that patch.

With that said, another change has been made on Olympus that wasn’t reported in Respawn’s patch notes.

Apex Legends secret map change found on Olympus

Apex Legends OlympusRespawn Entertainment
Olympus has seen many map changes since it was first released in Season 7.

On June 28, a secret shift in the third map in the Apex Games was discovered by the community.

One Reddit user – who unearthed the map change – said: “Was this always like this?”

They attached a screenshot showing an area where a tower once stood.

In the replies, one member of the community said: “They took my crane man. Can’t have sh*t in Olympus.”

Another added: “Yo why would they get rid of that,” to which some replied the construction work had ended. “Because the simple construction job is finally done after years of work. Just like in real life…”

One user even argued that it was previously used in a way that could give some players an advantage. They posted: “It blocked the area pretty badly. Also, it gave an unfair advantage to the people who had the mobility to get on top of the crane. I especially hated it in the last ring. I think it was fun and I liked it, but I understand it wasn’t in a good place.”

The game’s developers have not commented on why the change was made, but the crane has certainly moved. Whether or not there are even more secret map changes like this waiting to be found remains to be seen.