Apex Legends October 13 update patch notes: Fixes for Devotion skins, Loba Skin, more

apex legends loba headerRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment pushed out another patch for Apex Legends, this time with fixes for Devotion skins, a Legendary Loba skin, and more.

Apex Legends is currently in the midst of its Fight or Fright event, where players can partake in a variety of limited-time events.

However, that hasn’t stopped developer Respawn Entertainment from putting out patches to fix a few issues plaguing players.

Now, Respawn has released another small patch for Apex Legends that fixes issues involving two Devotion skins, a skin for Loba, and bugged ring visuals.

Apex Legends October 13 patch notes

The patch notes came from Respawn’s official Twitter account, which laid out everything coming in the October 13, 2022 patch.

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First off, the patch re-enabled two Devotion skins that were previously causing issues for some players: The Bound in Bone Legendary skin and the Dragon’s Spine Legendary spine.

It seems these two skins were briefly disabled and taken off the store to prevent any more issues from occurring until Respawn could push this patch out.

Next, the patch notes restored the “Elegant Aesthetic” Legendary Loba skin to players, as some players had reported the skin being missing entirely from their library despite owning it.

Finally, this patch has apparently “resolved the blurry out-of-ring visuals” that the playerbase has complained about for some time now.

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For those who may not have experienced the bug, it would trigger when players would step inside the damaging ring and would cause intense brightness and blurriness, making it impossible to see and fight inside the ring.

Thankfully, it seems this issue has finally been resolved. Additionally, it seems like Respawn also added brand new healing sound effects to the game, to coincide with the new animations.

That seems to be everything added and fixed with the October 13, 2022 update. Hopefully, now players can enjoy the Fight or Fright event and Shadow Royale with fewer issues.