Apex Legends Octane Ultimate trick reverts nerf to his jump pad

. 9 months ago
Octane Jump Pad Ultimate
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Twitch streamer Nokokopuffs has discovered an Octane trick that nullifies the nerf to his Launch Pad in Season 10.

Ever since his release, Octane has remained one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends and he even holds the number one spot in Season 10 with a 16.5% pick rate.

The High-Speed Daredevil’s kit is all centered around mobility and speed, so it’s easy to see why so much of the community have made him their main Legend.

Despite this, Respawn has implemented multiple nerfs against Octane to balance him with the rest of the roster, including a recent reduction in jump pad horizontal distance by 10% – 15% in the Evolution Collection event update.

To combat this, a trick has been discovered which allows Octane mains to travel as far as they did before, and it’s incredibly simple.

Octane Jump Pad exploit
Respawn Entertainment
Octane is the most popular character in Apex Legends.

How to jump further with Octane’s Launch Pad in Apex Legends

One of the strongest aspects of Octane’s kit is his Ultimate ability which allows him and his team to rotate or push an enemy squad. As a result of this, Respawn has had to nerf its distance multiple times.

Well, to counter the nerf that came in the Evolution Collection event, Twitch streamer Nokokopuffs discovered a simple trick that allows players to travel further.

As shown in his Twitter post, it involves jumping onto the pad while crouching or slide jumping.

For whatever reason, this interaction causes players to travel four to five meters further than they usually would, which could be a huge difference-maker in a high-pressure scenario.

This is definitely a trick that every Octane main needs to learn and master as it nullifies the recent nerfs that affected the distance of his Ultimate.

Not only that, it’s well worth making the most of this while it lasts, as the devs may decide to remove this interaction.

The best way to practice this technique would be to hop into the Firing Range and make sure you’re ready to use it in an online match. These small tricks are the skills that separate good Octane players, from great ones.

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