Apex Legends modders create awesome Deathmatch mode & new abilities

Apex Legends team stood togetherRespawn/EA

A group of Apex Legends modders have banded together to create a Team Deathmatch mode as well as brand-new abilities, and it looks pretty awesome.

When Apex Legends first launched in February of 2019, it only came with its main battle royale mode. You dropped in as trios, looking to be the last team standing.

That BR mode remains the game’s bread and butter, but, Respawn Entertainment have come with some unique spin-offs as well with Arenas and Hunts.

It’s been long rumored that they have other plans up the sleeve too, including a Call of Duty Domination-like mode, but fans ultimately want more.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has seen its fair share of Limited Time Modes in the past.

Well, one group of modders have come together to create a Team Deathmatch mode in the Outlands, using a range of different maps – including the popular nighttime Kings Canyon and a custom World’s Edge after dark setting.

Part of the mod was first revealed in mid-August, with players showing off the darkness-filled version of Train Yard as their setting.

As the game starts, players are welcomed to the Team Deathmatch mode but there are also a few surprises. Notably, the Wraith that is being used in the demo doesn’t use portals. She, instead, blinks in the direction that the player is looking, allowing her to travel a pretty decent distance in an instant.

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Now, this isn’t just an experiment to show off what’s possible either, it will be fully playable. Though, as it is a mod, it’ll only be available for PC players.

The TDM mode can be played as a one-on-one, duos, trios, quads, or even 20-man teams. However, you can’t bring over your skins and cosmetics to the mods.

As impressive as the mod is, it is unofficial, so don’t get your hopes of seeing any of the changes in the actual version Apex anytime soon.

Though, it does go to show just how cool it would be if Respawn brought TDM to the game.

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