Apex Legends modders are now making ridiculous weapons and abilities

Sam Comrie
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Apex Legends mods have been becoming increasingly popular, and as players experiment more and more with code, they are designing some truly wacky weapons, abilities and more.

While most Apex players are lapping up the rest of Season 10, a group of technically gifted PC players are trying out some outlandish experiments on private (unofficial) servers. The unofficial Apex Legends client “R5Reloaded” is making waves within the PC community.

Created by fans-for-fans, the free moddable Apex Legends client boasts elements such as custom lobbies, stronger stims and comically long grapples.

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Season 11 of Apex Legends is on the horizon.

Apex Legends mod client is awesome

Fans of Titanfall were initially impressed with R5Reloaded’s potential, as mechanics like wall-running have been showcased through modding.

Yet, the scale of this custom Apex experience goes far beyond simple traversal upgrades. R5Reloaded’s potential extends to outlandish weapon ballistics, running with super-speed and ambitious amounts of lifeline packages.

Taking a page from the DOOM Eternal book of badassery, one notable experiment comes in the form of an explosive Spitfire. Dealing out a constant assault of exploding epic-ness, we can already feel the tears of defeated foes emerging.

Want to channel your inner Spider-Man? No problem, as R5Loaded encourages players to live out their superhero fantasies with an infinite grapple. 

The modding community has seen more official recognition in recent years. Bethesda notably implemented a mod browser into later editions of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Seen as a way to add longevity to the game’s lifespan, the rise of community-led content has appeared in more titles.

Skater XL and Halo: The Master Chief Collection have seen fan additions allowed into the game. Could Respawn Entertainment be so inclined to follow suit?

With Apex Legends popularity reaching stratospheric levels as high-profile streamers leap over from Warzone, the notion of official mods is definitely exciting.

H/T: PC Gamer