Apex Legends mod combines Octane’s jump pad and frag grenades for incredible jumps

Julian Young
Apex Legends Octane Jump Pad Frag Grenade Mod Jumping With Logo
Respawn Entertainment

A thriving Apex Legends mod scene has popped up during Season 10, resulting in some incredible creations. The latest fan-made wonder combines Octane’s jump pad and the BR’s frag grenades with some hilarious results.

Modding has become a massive part of gaming culture, and the practice has spread to nearly every title released in the past decade, if not longer. It might’ve taken a while, but a flourishing Apex Legends modding community has formed during the game’s latest Season, Emergence.

These modders have created plenty of interesting, if not always practical twists on the content in Apex, ranging from an updated firing range, to explosive Spitfire ammunition, and some have even ported over classic Titanfall 2 weapons into its battle royale cousin.

In another case of the community’s creativity, one Apex Legends modder by the name of ‘Mokey‘ shared his latest creation with fans on Twitter: a combination of Octane’s jump pad boost and the game’s frag grenades that results in a totally broken, but hilarious experience.

Titanfall 2 Pilot Jumping Into Titan
Respawn Entertainment
The Octane-grenade combo gave some fans flashbacks to Titanfall 2’s gravity star acrobatics.

In his Twitter post, Mokey shared a brief montage of the amazing aerial stunts players can pull off by using these unconventional grenades, and confirmed that “[I created] modded grenades that yeet you unreasonably far.”

The compilation of clips included the player sending his in-game character soaring across Octane’s town takeover, and even shooting himself from Repulsor all the way over to Hydro Dam, traversing Kings Canyon in a truly unconventional way.

From the looks of it, players might be able to launch themselves all the way from one end of the map to another — if they scooped up enough frag grenades along the way.

Mokey’s creation was a hit with the Apex community, and his post received plenty of positive feedback, including some calls for Respawn to implement his grenades into the full game. “Fuse’s town takeover LTM should [add] something like this,” one player joked.

Another fan reminisced over a similar feature from Respawn’s previous game, Titanfall 2, where players could launch themselves across the game’s maps using a special piece of equipment. “[This] kinda reminds me of gravity star launching,” they remarked.

Unfortunately for those fans, Mokey’s creation is only available on “R5Reloaded,” the unofficial Apex server where many modders do their work. While the incredible grenades probably won’t make it into the real Apex Legends, it’s always fun to see what these creative minds can come up with.