Apex Legends Mobile will be getting exclusive new Legends first

. 4 months ago
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Respawn Entertainment

With the Apex Legends Mobile release date on the horizon, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the mobile port will be getting exclusive content first, including some new Legends. 

Just a little over three years since the popular battle-royale’s release in February 2019, the closed beta for the Apex Legends Mobile port is well underway, and fans are more than excited to be able on their pocket devices.

Over 7.5 million eager players have registered for the closed beta access so far, and while it’s totally separate from the Apex Legends that fans know and love, the handheld version will feature most of the same content.

However, Apex Legends Mobile players will be able to get their hands on exclusive Legends first before they enter the regular game.

apex legends mobile banner with caustic wraith and bangalore

In an EA blog post released on March 17, a lot of questions were answered about Apex Legends Mobile.

Though, one section stood out which confirmed that it will have its own exclusive mobile-first Legends.

“Choose from a growing cast of beloved Legends with unique abilities and personalities to fit an array of playstyles – and discover new mobile-first Legends with new stories to tell.”

The blog post also mentioned that other mobile-first adaptions and innovations will be added, that will keep the game fresh and new.

It reads: “New Legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progressions, and live events constantly expand the gameplay variety to keep the experience fresh and new every season.”

From March 17, players can register their interest in Apex Legends Mobile on the Google Play store or iOS App Store. With that said, pre-registering doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the beta.

Unfortunately, the mobile version won’t feature cross-play unlike other games like Fortnite, but the game is completely free to play if you get the chance.

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