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Apex Legends Mobile has big pack change the main game desperately needs

Published: 9/Oct/2021 16:04

by Connor Bennett


As Apex Legends Mobile continues to get love from fans, there is yet another difference to the main battle royale that would benefit fans in a big way, and it comes in the form of opening Apex Packs. 

It’s hard to play a game, single-player or multiplayer, these days without being offered microtransactions of some kind. When it comes to Apex Legends, these come in the form of Apex Packs.

You can purchase packs from the store and unlock them through leveling up as well, with a range of cosmetics items lurking inside.

If you don’t open your packs right away, they’ll stack up and you can open them whenever. Though, it can be a bit of a slog having to repeat the process over and over, whilst also having to watch the pack animation.


apex legends mobile
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Mobile has a lot of improved features vs the main game.

Well, Apex Legends fan Prateek_khr highlighted the fact that the mobile version of the battle royale has yet another big difference compared to the main game, and it might benefit those fans who stack packs.

As the Redditor showed, players can open 10 packs at any one time in the mobile game, and you’ll get an animation where the Apex Loot Tick pings 10 others as you start opening packs.

Thankfully, you don’t have to watch every single pack open, but instead, the contents of all 10 will appear in one pop-up at the end, allowing you to save some time and the headache of watching the same animation over and over.


You can open 10 packs at one in mobile along with skipping the animation of packs opening. from apexlegends

Players have noted that it is a “cool” feature, and while it won’t have a massive impact on the game, it could benefit players who rattled through lengthy pack openings.

Unlike the Firing Range change, which appears to be on Respawn’s radar, the pack overhaul is probably not a priority, but if players want to petition for it, then maybe the devs will have to take note.