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Apex Legends player creates best Mirage ultimate rework yet

by Eli Becht


As fans anxiously await the release of Apex Legends' first battle pass, players are having fun with making potential changes to their favorite characters. 


We're now about halfway through the month of March meaning the release of the Season 1 Battle Pass is creeping up on us.

Fans and players have begun to grow quite anxious so some are taking to creating their own reworks to some of their favorite Legends currently in the game.


The latest rework takes a look at Mirage, whose current Ultimate causes him to be surrounded by clones of himself and cause opponents to lose sight of the real version.

It's a good Ultimate to use in a pinch as it can easily get you out of a sticky situation. However, it's easy to see where it can do more as many of other Ultimates are better.


Mirage Ult rework: An illustrated guide from r/apexlegends

In an image uploaded to Reddit by user ApathyAstronaut, we get a good look at what a potential rework could look like.

The Ultimate is called 'Fata Morgana' and has the following description.


Upon activation, for the next 5 seconds, Mirage can deploy up to 3 holographic decoys which will move in the direction he is facing for 15 seconds before disappearing. If a decoy is damaged by an enemy they will reveal the enemy's location.

The description makes it sounds like this would be used as more of an offensive Ultimate rather than a defensive one since it would reveal the position of your enemy and allow you to control where the decoys go.


Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
This fan-made rework of Mirage's Ultimate would make it a lot more viable.

It definitely seems like a decent rework and could work quite well in the game.

However, fixing this Ultimate would leave someone like Pathfinder with an Ultimate that leaves a lot to desire. 

If this Ultimate is changed then it would be unfair not to look at all the Ultimates in the game.