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Apex Legends' Mirage Ultimate and Wraith's portal creates devastating combo

by square1


This Apex Legends player discovered that using a combination of Mirage's ultimate and Wraith's portal can actually leave Mirage invisible but allow him to shoot, making it a killer combo.

Many Apex Legends players agree that Mirage could use a buff of some sort to make his ultimate more on par with some of the other Legends in the game.

While this combo isn't an official buff, allowing him to shoot while invisible with his ultimate would be an excellent buff that could give him a lot more viability.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Portals are one of the best ways to traverse in Apex Legends.

Sending bamboozle!

Team composition is an important thing to keep in mind in Apex Legends and it's one of the things that makes it unique when compared to other battle royale game.

Wraith is usually a popular pick among players due to her ability to pull off slick plays with the portals, but people often forget how well some Legends can combo with her portals.

In the video below,first posted to Reddit, you can see Mirage pop his ultimate and go through the portal, come out of the portal remaining invisible for a second or two and getting the drop on his opponent with the ability to shoot while invisible.

This certainly isn't an intended consequence but you might actually find a lot of support in the community in making this an actual feature of Mirage's ultimate.

His ultimate is considered one of the weakest in the game so it could use any kind of buff it can get. 

Some might find it overpowered for him to be able to shoot while invisible but it does seem like a simple way to buff him. Perhaps it's something Respawn should consider as they continue to rebalance the game.