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Apex Legends Mirage main creates “perfect” buff for the Trickster

Published: 21/Mar/2020 17:05

by Andy Williams


An Apex Legends player has devised what they think is the “perfect” Mirage buff for Season 4, giving the Holographic Trickster more of a fighting chance against the top legends.

The Apex Legends meta has changed considerably since its launch over a year ago. With Respawn constantly tweaking Legends throughout the course of the past four seasons, plenty of players have changed who they run as their main.

After receiving a significant buff in Season 2, Mirage has (for the most part) gone untouched by Respawn. On paper, the Holographic Trickster is an ideal all-rounder, but a big hitbox and limited ability set has ultimately rendered him a mid-to-bottom tier character.


Mirage fist bumping his hologram.
A series of buffs could be just what the doctor ordered for Mirage.

Despite Mirage’s flaws, he still has a faithful player base. One of his loyal mains is Redditor ‘MittnXBL’ who has gone one step further than simply venting their frustrations, and have developed a fully-fledged list of implementable changes.

MittnXBL has proposed a number of changes that, per their post, would package as “the perfect Mirage buff.”

As opposed to simply adjusting Mirage’s current ability set, the Mirage main added both a Tactical and Passive ability while tweaking the ‘Vanishing Act’ Ultimate.

Mirage buff that Respawn needs to implement. Credibility: All high tier badges on Mirage, 11k kills, Pred every single season and currently top 100 in Pred. from apexlegends

The player has suggested that Respawn should add an additional decoy to the ‘Psyche Out’ Tactical before requiring a cooldown.


Moreover, for every enemy bamboozled by the Mirage’s decoy, a player would be granted a 15% reduction in cooldown time. The Mirage main also requested a 25-second cloak increase to their passive – which currently stands as five seconds – and a fellow player immediately questioned this in their comment, stating “that almost seems excessive.”


In terms of the changes to their Ultimate, a cloak of invisibility could be added, which would allow players to shoot and heal while using it — the caveat to this being that if a player does deploy it, the camo fades the more a player carries out an action.


While the above list of buffs to Mirage’s current ability set may seem a little unorthodox, Mirage may finally be able to compete with the likes of Gibraltar.

Gibby is the perfect example of someone who plays like a whole new Legend these days, when you compare him to the clunky, underpowered character that entered the Apex Games in Season 0. Perhaps Mirage could be next in-line for a series of buffs?