Apex Legends May 23 hotfix finally stops Newcastle ult glitch from ‘nerfing’ Wraith

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A new hotfix for Apex Legends quietly went live on May 23, and it finally fixed a glitch with Newcastle’s ultimate that ‘nerfed’ Wraith by damaging her while phasing and traveling inside portals.

Newcastle is the latest legend to join the fray in Apex Legends Season 13. However, it’s been a bumpy ride for the iron-clad soldier. He’s had some issues, and he’s also struggling to find his place in the current meta.

Interestingly, not all of those issues negatively impacted him. A glitch with his ultimate was letting it damage and stun Wraith while she was in the process of using her tactical and ultimate abilities, which isn’t supposed to happen.

On May 17, Respawn announced they were working on a fix. It finally went live on May 24 in the form of a hotfix. It hasn’t been mentioned in an official changelog. However, the devs confirmed the news on their Trello board.

It wasn’t the only issue they fixed, either. They also fixed one that rendered players unable to use melee attacks or sprint after reviving a downed teammate. That one hasn’t been reported quite as much, but it’s good to know it’s been resolved.

Wraith Golden Week
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith mains won’t be hindered by Newcastle’s glitch any longer.

The hotfix is live now, and the download size is approximately 400MB on PC and 600MB on consoles. Wraith mains who have experienced this glitch can rest easy knowing they won’t be impacted by it any longer.

However, a major issue affecting another legend, Loba, still hasn’t been fixed yet. Her tactical ability is still broken. It isn’t the first time, either. The developers confirmed they’re working on a fix for that, too.

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