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Apex Legends Legendary loot guide – what works best for who in Season 5

Published: 4/Jul/2020 21:59

by Alan Bernal


Legendary gear in Apex Legends gives the player a buff depending on the specific item, and there are some characters that can make better use of those effects than others.

A lot of players understand the natural benefits for having a Legendary (Gold) Backpack on Gibraltar or Lifeline, due to their potent ability kit and passives that synergize with the Guardian Angel effect.

There are more of these pairings throughout the game that user ‘absoluteacehole’ saw goes better with some than with others. While it’s not to say that a team in Apex should follow this guide to the tee, it’s a good reference point when distributing loot among a squad.


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Some items are better on some Legends than others.

Absoluteacehole put together a guide on who should or shouldn’t have a Legendary item. Notable entries lie in the gold and fully upgraded Evo armor on Legends like Pathfinder and Wraith.

Meanwhile, it’s generally agreed that the self-reviving Gold Knockdown Shield pairs well with someone like Mirage or Caustic who can most likely pull off the rez in the first place.

Then there’s those characters whose ultimate abilities are crucial to have up as soon as possible, like Wattson for strongholds, or Wraiths for quick escapes and rotations.

Who Should Have What – A Comprehensive Guide (Feedback Appreciated) from apexuniversity

Here’s where there’s a little wiggle room based on the situation that a team finds themselves in. Notable Apex Legends strategic mind ‘CoachNihil’ says that there are other combos that can help out players navigate the Arena much more effectively.


“Gold helmet should default to Wraith but generally the real value in a gold helmet is giving it to whoever needs their ult up next,” they said.

Being active with sharing the helmet depending on whose ultimate is needed next can make the constantly work for your team. Meanwhile, Gold Backpacks should go to Lifeline, then Gibraltar, and finally anyone who can get a reliable revive off, according to Nihil.

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Giving Wattson a gold helmet can let her get her crucial Interception Pylon up quicker.

Additionally, they said that the Gold Knockdown Shield should go to the person who has a Gold Backpack since the “combo is too good” to be left alone.

Notably, however, Caustic can most likely get the most out of the self-revive since they can go down in the middle of their Nox Gas and safely count on having time to revive.


Just like the helmet, Gold Armor – especially with a Wattson on the team – and upgraded Evo shields should be given to who needs them most. If a team is playing through Wraiths to engage and dismantle teams, then making sure she always has armor that’s intact could be the play.

People are sure to find their best pairings for Legendary loot in different team comps, but these are great reminders to take with you in Apex Legends.