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Apex Legends Legendary Hop-Up would give fantastic buffs to Legends

by square1


One Apex Legends player came up with the perfect Legendary Hop-Up attachment that would boost your Legend's abilities and Ultimate.

It's hard to argue with the fact that Apex Legends could use some new content, something Respawn Entertainment will be unveiling during EA Play at E3 2019.

In the meantime, some fans have been coming up with ways to improve things and this Legendary Hop-Up idea might be one of the best ideas we've seen yet.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline's care package can be the bringer of great loot.

Hop-Ups are rare weapon attachments that will significantly improve your weapon if you can find one. For example, the Legendary Turbocharge Hop-Up will completely remove the need to charge your Devotion or Havok Rifle before firing.

These Hop-Ups can become complete game changers which is why there is always room for more to come to the game. This Reddit user and Apex Legends player came up with the perfect idea for one that will benefit every Legend.

Respawn Entertainment / EA
Respawn Entertainment / EA
Does Apex need more Hop-Ups?

Reddit user asimthemlgpro thinks a Hop-Up that would buff a Legends Ultimates and Tacticals would fit in nicely. The idea is that it will give you more uses out of your abilities.

For example, Caustic would have four traps instead of three, Mirage could use two decoys, Octane would have his jump pad height and distance increased and so on.

This would become a Hop-Up that players would never be leaving on the ground but instead be something they fight over.

Since these Hop-Ups would be incredibly powerful, the concept suggests they would only be found in a supply drop or through Lifeline's care package.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Octane is the newest Legend in Apex Legends.

Players have come up with numerous ideas on how to improve Apex Legends in hopes that Respawn will someday add some of the better ones.

With Season 2 we know more guns, Legends, map changes, etc. are coming so that will also be our time to see if any new features will be coming as well.