Apex Legends leaks reveal Season 14 collection event, epic skins, and next heirloom

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New Apex Legends datamines reveal upcoming content details ahead of Season 14’s release, including new collection events, epic skins, and the next heirloom.

With Season 14 of Apex Legends kicking off on August 9, 2022, it seems recent datamines may have revealed the next collection event.

Leakers have allegedly found data that suggests the next collection event, codenamed “HunterPredator,” will feature new Legend and weapon skins.

Additionally, the code hosts placeholder data for the name of the Legend getting the next heirloom, which could hint at two possible candidates.

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Apex Legends leaks reveal Season 14 collection event

The leaks in question come from a few sources. The ‘HunterPredator’ collection event leak comes from SenosApex on Twitter, who shared screenshots of the code and leaked weapon skins.

These screenshots reveal Fuse, Gibby, and Revenant may get epic rarity skins in the collection event, while the CAR SMG, the Hemlock, and the Wingman will get epic weapon skins.

Additionally, SenosApex provided early images of the Wingman and Hemlock skins, with the Wingman featuring a frosty ice-blue and gold design.

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The Hemlock features a more camo-esque design featuring various green colors with red accents.

However, the leaker also revealed they found code for the next heirloom in placeholder text saying “I believe this is the collection event for the xxxx Heirloom.”

Fans speculate the four X’s could represent the Legend’s name, leading many to believe that Loba could finally get her heirloom in Season 14.

This is compounded by another leak from Twitter user Psamatheh, who claims prominent Apex Legends leaker Ezra_RC has hinted at a decorative folding fan heirloom.

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apex legends loba heirloom leak twitter screenshotTwitter: Psamatheh

While the four X placeholder name could hint at an heirloom for Fuse, Loba makes much more sense when factoring in the decorative fan leak and the fact that she’s been around much longer than Fuse.

Of course, these are still unconfirmed leaks so fans should view them with skepticism.

If these leaks prove true, though, Season 14 could finally be the season Loba fans have been waiting for.