Apex Legends leaks reveal possible new weapon skins ⁠for G7, R-301, more

Isaac McIntyre
Apex Legends' BangaloreRespawn Entertainment

At least seven new Apex Legends gun skin recolors, including for the G7 Scout, the R-301 Carbine, and the powerful Mastiff, could be coming soon, according to new data mined leaks from popular code-diver ILootGames.

While it’s fairly rare Respawn adds new legendary weapon skins to their battle royale with any regularity, they do add re-skins and re-colors a lot. These variant releases mainly arrive in the in-game store, and can be purchased with Legend Tokens.

It looks like players are about to have a whole host more weapon variants land over the next few weeks. These new recolors, buried in the game code in the March 3 update, appear to be for the G7 Scout, the R-301 Carbine, and more.

Respawn Entertainment
A few new-look Apex Legends weapon skins could be arriving in the battle royale soon.

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What new weapons skins are coming to Apex Legends?

According to code-diver ILootGames, who revealed the possible new gun skins in a March 18 video, there will be more than half-a-dozen recolors potentially coming soon. These new files have also been confirmed by Dexerto.

All seven leaked skins are likely revamped versions of already existing legendary variants of the game’s popular guns, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting ⁠— some even take the core skin designs and turn them on their heads.

Here’s the guns getting new variants, and their code strings. See renders below:

  • Hemlok assault_hemlok_bfr_legendary_06_rc_01
  • R-301 r301_legendary01_accessory_rc_01
  • G7 Scout assault_g2a6_legendary_base_03_rc_03
  • Havoc beam_assault_rifle_legendary02_rc_02
  • Kraber kraber_sr_legendary_05_rc_01
  • Mastiff mastiff_legendary_02_base_rc_02
  • RE-45 autopistol_RE45_legendary_03_rc_01

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Hemlok ⁠— The Cyberian variant

First up is the futuristic Cyberian skin for the Hemlok Burst AR. This popular sci-fi skin paints the Heavy weapon in a bright blue glow, and is designed to look sharp, electric, and basically like something from a far-flung future.

The Cyberian’s redesign ⁠— in the code as “hemlok_bfr_legendary_06_rc_01” ⁠— sticks relatively true to that style. Where the original skin focuses on blues though, the leaked wash has a popping yellow core, with faded green to offset.

Screenshot: Apex Legends code, via Respawn
These three Hemlok material files, marked under “rc_01,” are expected to make up the new Cyberian reskin.

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R-301 Carbine ⁠— Unsheathed Rebellion variant

The R-301 has long been a popular choice among Apex players. It stands to reason its skins would be just as popular than, something Respawn has noticed too. The Carbine boasts nine legendary skins already.

For the newest Light Assault Rifle’s recolor, the weapon returns to a dull bronze style. Many R-301 skins, including Iron Rampage and Honored Prey, have over-the-top barrel designs, but this leaked variant will likely keep it simple.

ILootGames did also add his 3D render of the new skin, as seen below, is not exact. “The green dot you see from the texture file on the back is not actually going to be part of the skin, please just remember that will not be part of the skin,” he explained.

Screenshot: ILootGames, via Respawn Entertainment
This potential R-301 reskin foregoes the gun’s oft-heavy covered barrel for a cleaner design.

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G7 Scout ⁠— Cold Justice variant

The sniper-turned-scout assault rifle has had its fair share of gun skins since the battle royale arrived last year, but perhaps the best-designed version of the G7 Scout is the Cold Justice, draped in camo and leaves.

This revamp of the arctic G7 skin, “g2a6_legendary_base_03_rc_03,” marks the third time the Cold Justice has been granted a new look. This one brings pink to the table, with bright skulls adorning the body and stock.

Screenshot: ILootGames, via Respawn Entertainment
The G7 Scout variant brings a bit of pink fun to the camo skin.

Havoc ⁠— Sonic Empire variant

This Havoc reskin is based on the Sonic Empire legendary skin, which itself features a bright blue beam running down the middle of the energy weapon. The “rc_02” update foregoes the skin’s wooden brown for a faded blue, however.

Screenshot: Dexerto
The leaked skin variants are still loaded into Apex’s code after the Override update.

Kraber ⁠— The Pioneer variant

The leaked Kraber reskin takes The Pioneer, which is based on Steampunk style, and turns the fade up to eleven. Swapped are the shining gold and the trim black, turning the new leak into a dark instrument of long-ranged death.

Screenshot: ILootGames, via Respawn Entertainment
The potential Kraber reskin swaps the golds and blacks of the base Pioneer skin.

Mastiff ⁠— The Pest Controller variant

The supply drop Mastiff is one of the strongest weapons in Apex Legends, and many of its skins are regarded as the best in the battle royale too.

Of those, the Pest Controller ⁠— complete with a bug-finding side screen ⁠— is one of the most popular. Gone are the base skin’s red and black trim, however. Instead, the new variant looks similar to the above Hemlok leak: green and yellow.

Screenshot: Apex Legends code, via Respawn
The new color scheme for the Mastiff’s Pest Controller variant, found in Apex Legends’ code.

RE-45 ⁠— The Pride variant

The final leaked skin is for the RE-45 Auto burst pistol. It appears to be a reskin for The Pride, one of seven legendary variants the already boasts. This recolor looks to bring a regal purple to the otherwise bright Pride RE-45.

When could these new weapon skins arrive in Apex?

The seven new reskins may have been loaded into the game’s code already, but considering the store only hosts a few variant options every week, there’s no telling when the new-look weapon skins could actually land in Apex.

This week the Alternator’s Galvanizer skin has its already-released upgraded look, the Palate Cleanser, in the store for just another 48 hours. There’s every chance Respawn could add one of these new skins after that, but it’s unlikely.

For now, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement regarding these new skins. It could be some are included in a future event, like Bloodhound’s Town Takeover, or they may simply be added to the game whenever Respawn pull the trigger.