Apex Legends leaks point to Care Package themed LTM coming soon

Apex Legends Care PackageRespawn

Fresh Apex Legends leaks point to a major overhaul coming to Care Packages in a future update, with fans speculating that it will be part of a limited-time-mode (LTM) or part of a new Legend’s abilities. 

Care Packages are a balance of risk and reward in Apex Legends, with players going for the high-tier loot inside them naturally vulnerable to nearby opponents. 

Currently, players only know the specific Care Package items once they open the crate itself, even if the probabilities of certain weapons and items have been published.

However, new information acquired via data mining suggests that they will be changed in a future update, if only for a LTM. 

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A November 30 Reddit post highlighted the information, saying: “[The] ability to see what a care package will contain before it lands possibly coming.” 

Specifically, the code refers to ‘Care Package containing X dropping in X seconds’, suggesting that players will be informed of the crate’s items without actually needing to get inside. 

However, it currently seems unlikely that this will be a long-term and universal change to Apex’s Care Packages. 

One player explained their doubts that Respawn would add such a feature alongside a timer of a Care Package, suggesting it would change too much and worsen Apex players’ struggles with third parties. 

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They said: “This is 100% for an event. No way they would ALSO add a timer to the drop. It’ll either be a future legend passive or it’s for an event. I see no world where it would be implemented into the core game.”  

Others tended to agree, also suggesting it would overlap too heavily with Loba’s current abilities to consider as part of a future character’s repertoire. 

In short, the most likely addition of the feature seems to be in an upcoming event LTM. Specifically, we’ve had information on the upcoming holiday Wintertide event and a mysterious ‘Magic Witch’ event.

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