Apex Legends leak reveals level cap increase finally coming

apex legends logo and level 500 cap badgeRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ level cap is an aspect that players have wanted to see addressed for the longest time. It’s been a while since the system had a major change, but a leak suggests this may not be the case for much longer.

It’s been three years since Apex Legends was released by Respawn Entertainment and when the game first broke onto the scene, the battle royale shooter only allowed players to reach Level 100. After many fan requests over a long period of time, Respawn finally increased the max rank from Level 100 to Level 500.

Fast forward to 2022, and we’re repeating history as players have been calling for an even greater level cap. Thanks to a leak, we know that Respawn are finally set to answer the community’s prayers.

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octane kicking mirage in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
A new level cap will help the game’s longevity for many players.

Apex Legends level cap increase coming?

SomeoneWhoLeaks (SWL) is a reputable leaker in the Apex Legends space and they recently tweeted out some interesting images that are reportedly tucked away deep within the game‘s files.

SWL says that levels “501-700 are being added in the future” and revealed what potential new borders would look like for both Octane and Lifeline.

As a player’s level changes in terms of its quantitative value, their account badge border changes too, meaning, these are what players could have to look forward to if the leaks turn out to be accurate. Interestingly, these reports have been corroborated by another leaker, HYPERMYST, who also posted their own evidence of the impending level cap increase.

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Similar to SWL’s leaks, we get to see what potential Octane borders could look like, only, there are even more of them in this example.

Given how much fans are desperate for the level cap to be increased and it’s been some time since the last one, there’s every chance these leaks are precursors of things to come, and, hopefully, the changes will be coming soon.