Apex Legends leaks reveal Octane Heirloom and new Gibraltar skin

Brad Norton
Respawn Entertainment

The latest set of Apex Legends leaks have revealed first looks at upcoming items ranging from a new Heirloom for Octane to a fresh Gibraltar skin.

Respawn Entertainment has been releasing a steady flow of content for its popular battle royale title of late, in large part thanks to the launch of Season 4 and the recent revival of original map King’s Canyon.

The fresh additions don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, however, as brand new leaks have uncovered a slew of cosmetic content set to release in the near future, including new skins and a fresh Heirloom item.

Respawn Entertainment
Gibraltar’s new skin offers a completely different appearance for the Legend.

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Prominent Apex Legends community member and data-miner ‘iLootGames’ has grown a reputation for early leaks after accurately revealing a wide array of content ahead of schedule throughout the game’s lifespan.

The latest set of leaks focuses on new cosmetic items that are on the way for both Gibraltar and Octane. The former is the recipient of a curious skin that completely overhauls the visual appearance of the defensive Legend.

Rather than simply changing his color scheme or outfitting the character with a slightly altered getup, the leaked skin shaves Gibraltar’s head and appears to give him a new pair of contacts as well as a facial tattoo.

The vibrant skin features a black base with yellow and blue flare throughout as the Legend’s ordinary armor has been traded out for a more metallic, mech-based design.

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Additionally, the new leaks shed light on an upcoming Heirloom for Octane. While only four Heirloom sets are currently available in the battle royale title, a fifth could well and truly be on the way as one piece of a new set has slipped through the cracks.

For those that are lucky enough to unlock the new item, Octane will drop into battle with a sharp blade thanks to the leaked melee weapon skin. 

The personalized weapon comes imbued with a seemingly lethal dose of Octane’s adrenaline-pumping stim mixture as well, which could be the cherry on top of a close-ranged melee beatdown.

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There’s no indicating exactly when these items might be made available, but given early looks have been leaked online, it’s likely that Respawn will set out an official update in the near future.

Expect enemies to be caught off-guard throughout your first few matches once the items are released, however, as players get used to seeing an entirely different Gibraltar on the map.