Apex Legends leakers are now streaming whole new patches on Twitch

Calum Patterson
Apex Legends season 13
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends leaks have been getting increasingly outlandish in recent seasons, and has now reached even more outrageous levels, with leakers brazenly broadcasting hours of gameplay on unreleased versions of the game on Twitch.

Season 12 of Apex Legends was plagued with leaks revealing new weapons, Legends, heirlooms, cosmetics, and just about anything else you could wish to know.

It’s unclear why exactly leaks have become more extreme in 2022, with previous seasons usually limited to blurry screenshots or only data mining – where the files from the PC version of the game could be decrypted to show upcoming content.

Now, a handful of leakers are simply posting high-resolution screenshots and videos of unreleased updates, spoiling almost everything that is in the works for future events and seasons. Now, they’re even streaming it on Twitch.

Apex leaker streams leaks directly on Twitch

On June 15, Twitch account “420AG420” went live for a whole two hours, where they streamed unreleased content early, showing off the 13.1 update (likely to be the very next update coming to Apex Legends).

This account is almost certainly the leaker ‘autismgaming420’, who has been the source of a variety of insider leaks for Apex Legends for a number of seasons.

Apex leakers on twitch
The leaker was brazenly streaming for 2 hours with no takedown.

Why has leaking become so common in Apex?

EA has been known to quickly strike down leaked content with a DMCA notice in the past. But a lot of this leaked insider content is being left untouched.

It also begs the question of how such content is being leaked so freely, presumably from sources internal to the studio.

Before the launch of Season 13, Respawn actually responded to one of the big leaks but didn’t appear all that bothered about it.

“When it comes to things leaking, a lot of that stuff is usually not going to ever see the light of day because it’s stuff that we’re just trying out. The game is full of things that we’re constantly trying, throwing away, changing. Sometimes we even put stuff in specifically for leaks, just to mess with people.”

However, if the constant leaking of new content continues, Respawn and EA could have some serious concerns on their hands about driving engagement and excitement through official announcements.