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Apex Legends leaker hints at new dates for Crossplay & Aftermarket event

Published: 19/Sep/2020 13:55 Updated: 19/Sep/2020 14:12

by Daniel Cleary


An Apex Legends leaker has hinted at new dates for the release of crossplay and the upcoming Aftermarket event, after it was seemingly delayed by Respawn developers.

The highly anticipated cross-platform play or ‘crossplay’ feature was initially teased to arrive in Apex Legends alongside the in-game ‘Aftermarket’ event, the game’s Nintendo Switch release, and Steam debut, all on September 15.

However, as the rumored Aftermarket event and crossplay feature have not yet appeared in Apex Legends, it was suggested that they were not ready and could have been delayed by Respawn.

Apex Legends crossplay graphic
Respawn Entertainment
Apex legends is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam with the upcoming crossplay feature.

The September Soiree has now seemingly taken the Aftermarket event’s place, bringing back Grand Soiree skins for the sale and classic LTMs like Armed and Dangerous.

Prominent Apex leaker shrugtal, who was first to reveal many details about the planned event and crossplay, explained these delays and hinted at a new date for Aftermarket.

“The Aftermarket event was scheduled to arrive on the 15th of September, but due to delays with features that are meant to come out with it, namely crossplay and Switch/Steam release, it had to be pushed back,” he explained in his latest upload.

After claiming that it was likely development issues that caused Respawn to miss the supposed release window for Apex Legends crossplay, shrugtal explained that the next chance Respawn would have to release the major Aftermarket event would be on October 13.

The leaker revealed that he had uncovered more files pointing towards this date and added that fans “should be seeing crossplay/Steam/Switch when Aftermarket does go live.”

He also claimed that Apex Legends will be getting another Halloween event shortly after the Aftermarket event, also sharing that some of the skins planned for late October hint at a Town Takeover coming soon.

As always, it is worth noting that many of these leaks are subject to change and players can’t be certain about crossplay or similar features until Respawn eventually decides to release them in-game.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends trick with Crypto’s drone makes it harder to destroy

Published: 31/Oct/2020 22:55 Updated: 31/Oct/2020 17:47

by Daniel Cleary


A clever movement trick has been found with Crypto’s Drone in Apex Legends, making it much harder for opponents to shoot and destroy the flying surveillance device. Here’s how you can try it for yourself.

Every character in Apex Legends has a unique set of abilities that can give them an advantage in gunfights they take in the battle royale, and Crypto’s skills are focused around his surveillance drone.

While Crypto is one of the least played characters out of the Apex Games cast, his drone can be useful to scout out any enemies and mark them for allies in-game.

Crypto at table in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
A movement trick has been found for Crypto’s drone.

Although his Drone EMP ultimate ability is quite effective, it can be tricky to pull off, as the drone can be shot out of the air before it gets close enough. However, Apex players have now found a trick with Crypto that could make his abilities much more useful than before.

As Crypto’s drone makes up a lot of his kit, seeing an enemy destroy it before getting the chance to use it can be incredibly frustrating, but this tactic makes it harder to target.

Apex player u/LiTozaVr shared the tip that could improve your flying skills and make it difficult to lock onto the drone, by decreasing the number of sharp turns you make, which slows the drone down, and allowing you to “ground surf.” Here’s how to try it:

Ground Surf (Advanced Drone Movement) from apexlegends

How to make Crypto’s drone harder to destroy

  1. Deploy your drone when playing as Crypto.
  2. Use the vertical descent button (CTRL, B, or Circle) until the drone reaches the ground.
  3. Keep the vertical descent button pressed when moving along the ground.
  4. While flying the drone, you can gain a bit of acceleration by changing the vertical position of the camera.
  5. To achieve the maximum speed of this acceleration, you need to hold the camera at about a 25-30 degree angle.
  6. By doing this, you should be able to build your speed up with each turn and the momentum will cancel out any sharp turns the drone will take.

So, there you have it. Once you follow these steps you should be able to learn the clever technique and improve your Crypto skills for future matches.

As this trick can be quite difficult to master, it might be worth practicing it in the Firing Range before trying it in a real match.