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Apex Legends leaker finds unreleased “Armorsmith” hop-up to boost shield

Published: 9/Feb/2021 12:39

by Connor Bennett


A brand-new hop-up attachment for the Alternator and RE-45 that help boost shields looks to be coming soon, according to a new leak from Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal.

While Warzone and PUBG give players the chance to customize their weapon in a number of different ways, Apex Legends does things a little differently.

Every gun can take a sight, but other attachments like barrels, extended magazines, and chokes are restricted to certain weapons. That’s the same for hop-ups as well.

These attachments change the way certain guns fire, helping them fire off more accurate shots and do more damage. As Respawn have added new seasons, new hop-ups have been introduced, and it looks like they’ve got plans for another.

apex legends re-45
Respawn Entertainment
The RE-45 and Alternator were previously able to use Disruptor Rounds.

Reputable Apex Legends leaker and dataminer Shrugtal tweeted that a hop-up with the name Armorsmith was added in the latest patch from Respawn, and looked to be for the Alternator and RE-45.

Some fans immediately assumed that the hop-up would work in a similar way to the Disruptor Rounds hop-up, which helped deal more damage to enemies with shields on, and could be attached to both the Alternator and RE-45. Though, the hop-up was removed in Season 3.

Instead, the leaker clarified what it seems like the hop-up would do. “I don’t think this will increase the damage the gun does, just the amount it contributes to leveling up your shield,” he tweeted.

That type of hop-up, that helps level your armor quickly, would certainly make the two guns worth using even more than they are.
There’s no telling if the hop-up will be released later this season or if it’s just being tested for now, but it’s not the first new hop-up we’ve heard about since Season 8 got underway.
Players noticed that the Sentinel had a hop-up slot in some images and another damage type attachment has been rumored. Though, it remains to be seen if its real or just a glitch. We’ll just have to wait and see on both attachments.
Apex Legends

Apex Legends ban wave hits hackers with bigger anti-cheat plans coming

Published: 24/Feb/2021 12:30

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends has rolled out another ban wave to combat hackers and cheaters ruining matches in Season 8. Developers Respawn Entertainment have also vowed to step-up anti-cheat efforts across the board, but particularly in some regions.

Not unlike any other competitive online shooter, hackers always find a way to ruin things for honest players in Apex Legends.

In recent months, players in Asian servers specifically have reported an uptick in hackers, even prompting some top players to avoid ranked play entirely until it’s resolved.

Respawn’s head of security, Conor Ford, has confirmed another ban wave on February 23, wiping over 600 cheaters from the servers.

Apex Legends speed dev
Respawn are targeting hackers now more than ever in Apex Legends.

Apex ban wave catches cheaters

Ford, better known as Hideouts on social media, confirmed a manual ban wave of 652 cheaters on February 23.

This follows his previous ban wave of 507 PS4 players on February 10, who had been using an RP glitch to gain free ranked points. The ban for those users will only last until Season 9 though, when they will be allowed to play again.

Cheaters ruining Apex in Japan

Counter to popular belief, Hideouts is not the only person in control of banning players on Apex Legends. There are also automated systems in place to catch out hackers.

Unfortunately, it appears that hordes of cheats have been able to bypass these protections on servers in Asia especially.

Hideouts has responded to these issues too, saying that they will be focused on clearing up servers in the Japanese region specifically. Japan is the second-largest market for Apex Legends.

In a follow-up Tweet, the developer also confirmed that there are “plans in place, that will be announced relatively soon, to help better this problem.”

We await the announcement of these plans, but it certainly sounds like Respawn have things in the pipeline to help crackdown on cheaters even more.