Apex Legends leak suggests long-awaited feature coming in Season 15

Apex Legends character holding heirloomRespawn/EA

Gifting might finally be coming to Apex Legends in Season 15 after a data miner managed to uncover some of the in-game logos used for it.

Over the last few months, plenty of leaks have surfaced for Apex Legends, revealing the next couple of legends, weapons, a new map, and even a whole host of new features.

Plenty of these leaks have been proven correct – seeing as we now have Vantage as a legend, there is a Gun Game-style limited-time mode, and there are new animations for healing.

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The ability to gift items, which has been in other battle royales like Fortnite for a while, was also confirmed as being in the works by Respawn a few seasons ago, but has yet to appear in Apex Legends. Though, that might be changing once Season 15 rolls around.

Gifting might finally come in Apex Legends Season 15

That’s right, the long-awaited gifting feature might soon appear in-game, given that YouTuber Garrett has managed to uncover some of the icons that Respawn will be using for it in-game.

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“It seems like it’s coming next season,” the YouTuber said in his September 25 video. “When I was doing a little data mining, I found this file. After asking a few people, this is the icon for gifting. This seems to be what you will see when you receive a gift, so showing that it’s already in the files is huge, plus, there is a news tab with a notification on it.”

The YouTuber threw together a little mock-up for what things might look like in-game once you’ve received a gift from a friend, and it’s pretty much what you’d imagine that Respawn might come up with.

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Given that the icons are in the files, it appears that Respawn is all set to launch it in-game, but it hasn’t yet been confirmed for Season 15.

The new season isn’t set to begin until the start of November, so we won’t know until the end of October as to which new things are dropping with the update. So, we’ll just have to sit tight for now.