Apex Legends leak reveals unreleased skins and cosmetics for Season 7

. 2 years ago
Apex Legends leaked Season 7 skins
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends data miners have been up to their usual tricks following the Season 7 update, and have revealed a number of Legend skins not yet released – with some revolving around a Christmas theme.

Season 7 has arrived and with it comes a new map to explore and a gravity manipulating Legend to master. Respawn hasn’t held back with this recent update, calling it their biggest new season yet.

As with any new season, new customization options are important to players. Having the freedom to choose between a plethora of skins, banners, sprays and outfits is one o the most exciting parts of the update.

But, beyond just the skins that are already available in the battle pass, leakers have uncovered a bunch that are still upcoming, due to drop as the season goes on.

Respawn Entertainment
This leaked skins will most likely be added to the game at some point in Season 7.

Apex Legends skins leaked for Season 7

Thanks to reliable Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal, we have a number of leaked skins to check out. Many of these are linked to the 2020 Holo-day bash event.

From Christmas themed skins to a new Twitch Prime skin, there’s plenty to get excited about. First, there are some new recolors for classic Wraith skins.

Wraith: Phasewalker Holo-day bash skin

Wraith: Phasewalker (Black variant)

Wraith: Phasewalker (Blue variant)

Pathfinder Season 7 Epic

We’re heading to towards the Winter months and it looks like Respawn have a set of ice-themed skins on the way. Rampart, Caustic, Crypto and Horizon will each be receiving an icy skin for the Christmas season.

Holo-day Bash 2020 skins leaked

Rampart: Deep Freeze (Epic)

Horizon: Absolute Zero (Epic)

Crypto: Cool Operator (Rare)

Crypto: Cool Operator Pink Variant (Rare)

Wraith: SKIN_609 (Rare)

Caustic: Holo-day bash skin (Rare)


Bloodhound: Solstice (Rare)

Also, for Loba mains still waiting on her first Legendary, it looks like she’ll be getting on in the Holo-day bash event, but the skin is still unfinished.

Season 7’s new Legend will be shown some love in the upcoming months. A new Horizon ‘Flux Capacity’ and Twitch Prime skin are in the game files and ready to be released in the near future.

Horizon Starter Pack skin: Flux Capacity

Horizon Twitch Prime skin: Inverse Polarity

The release dates and price of Horizon’s Starter Pack and “Inverse Polarity” skin have been leaked. The Starter Pack is estimated to cost $4.99 and release on November 12. The “Inverse Polarity” skin can be claimed for free by anyone who owns Twitch Prime and will release November 10.

“Red Shift” Octane could be making a return to the store very soon. This is definitely a must-have skin for any Octane mains out there.

Leaked Season 7 gun skins

L-Star Holo-day bash skin: Nature Fusion (Legendary)

G7 Scout Holo-Day Bash: Flurry (Rare)

R99 Holo-Day Bash: Cold Snap (Rare)

Spitfire Holo-Day Bash: Frozen Fury (Rare)

Leaked Season 7 sprays

Remaining holo-sprays have been revealed by data miner SomeoneWhoLeaks. Some of the cosmetic sprays have already been released with the Season 7 Battle Pass. However, we can assume the remaining sprays will be added to the game at some point in Season 7.

Leaked Season 7 gun charms

Finally, there are a set of upcoming weapon charms to check out as well.

Trophy Hunter


Frost Wolf

Revenant bobblehead

Octane Bobblehead

These, of course, aren’t all of the skins we can expect to see released in Season 7. As Christmas is approaching, it’s likely Respawn has a whole set of themed skins lined up for December.

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