Apex Legends leak reveals special Legend-specific packs for each character

Revenant in Apex Legends with purple and orange skinRespawn/EA

A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed that Respawn are adding legend-specific cosmetic packs so you can get skins, badges, and more for the character of your choice. 

Having the brand-new skins, badges, trackers, and other cosmetics has become a source of pride for many Apex Legends players. They want all the original skins, and recolors, in their collection.

To get them, though, you usually have to chance your luck with Apex Packs, and you may end up with cosmetics for a legend that you don’t own or play.

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That has led to some fans calling for new packs, or an addition to the in-game store, where you can buy what you want for a specific legend. Well, it looks like those calls are going to be answered.

Respawn Entertainment
Unique skins have become must-haves in Apex.

Reliable Apex dataminer and leaker GarretLeaks revealed that there is code in the game’s files for Season 10 relating to character-specific Apex Packs.

These packs would work just like the normal ones, meaning you wouldn’t know what you’re getting until it’s opened. However, all the cosmetics would be for the legend of your choice.

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Additionally, the leaker notes that these packs would reward you with items you don’t already own for that legend, rather than giving your duplicates. And if you own every item for a specific legend? Well, the pack would just open like a normal Apex Pack.

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As for when we’ll see these in-game? Well, the leaker noted that they could come towards the end of Season 9, but that is so full of content anyway, Season 10 looks more likely.

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In terms of price, there’s nothing mentioned for it, but if it’d work as a normal Apex Pack with three items, it seems reasonable that they’d cost the same amount – 100 coins. Though, it wouldn’t be a shock if they were slightly more expensive.