Apex Legends leak reveals scrapped LTM finally coming in Season 13

Wraith Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends leak has revealed that Respawn may be bringing back the scrapped ‘Killing Time’ LTM as part of the Collection Event in Season 13.

Season 13 of Apex Legends is well underway and so far, the community has been enjoying all of the fresh content that was added in Saviors.

Whether it’s the new Downed Beast POI on Storm Point, the Heroic Defender Newcastle, or the Ranked Reloaded changes, it’s safe to say Respawn didn’t hold back with the major update.

Despite this, players are already shifting their attention to the next update and although the devs have remained tight-lipped for the time being, dataminers have found some interesting information in the files.

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One leak even refers to the scrapped LTM ‘Killing Time’ that was originally meant to be added in Season 8 but never made it into the Outlands.

Killing Time Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Killing Time was originally meant to be added in Season 8.

Killing Time LTM could be coming in Season 13

A set of recent leaks have suggested that the upcoming Collection Event will be arriving on June 21, but a lot of players have been wondering if the update will be adding any new content other than Valkyrie’s Heirloom.

Well, reliable dataminer KralRindo may have found the answer, as they’ve managed to find a set of ‘Killing Time’ LTM banners in the files for Season 13.

This action-packed LTM was originally meant to be introduced in the War Games event back in Season 8 but never made it into the game.

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The basic idea of the mode is that every time a competitor dies, the ring closes faster and faster, turning up the tempo of a typical Apex match and leading to a lot of gunfights.

While there’s no guarantee ‘Killing Time’ arrives with the Collection Event, it seems extremely likely given the fact that Respawn only added the assets in Season 13.

Kral also identified a set of Control banners in the files as well, so we can assume the fan-favorite game mode will also be making a return later in Saviors.